Last week we did a quick family vacation to Cabo to celebrate my daughter going from pre-school to Kindergarten! I convinced my husband after showing him prices for two summer camps and the cost was actually very similar! We stayed at the all-inclusive resort “The Barcelo Gran Faro Los Cabos”

Overall experience was fantastic! But, there’s always a few draw backs and there’s always the highlights so i’m doing a quick blog post to give you all of my tips for your next trip!First of all, the flight was so easy with only two hours travel time and a one hour time change. We left LAX at 8am and we arrived to the resort by noon!

Right in time for lunch! The check in process was (mehhh…) We upgraded to premium ocean front ground floor room for an extra $150.00 US a night. It was worth every penny!! What do you get for the upgrade? Well don’t ask the hotel because they give you this shitty little white paper with black ink about the supposed benefits none of which i cared about and the only reason i knew to upgrade was because i spent hours reading trip advisor and watching youtube videos. (By the way Barcelo, Can i please do your marketing!! It gave me so much anxiety knowing how much better it could be)

So why should you upgrade to premium? Well, for me the benefits are below (in order) :

1. Premium alcohol (including Don Julio Blanco) YES!

2. Unlimited formal dinner reservations. ( regular rooms only get to go twice )

3. The location of the room. Its not any nicer or any fancier than the other rooms but the location and views make all the difference.

4. Unlimited FREE room service. Amazing with kids

5. Free WIFI

The guy at the front desk wanted to put us in a 5th floor ocean view but i said no thank you i want the ground floor ocean view off the pool. Of course the views are better up high but with kids being on the ground floor was FANTASTIC! We literally could walk in and out of our room within seconds from the pool and beach. Meaning i never had to pack a diaper bag! If i needed anything, i would just walk back to the room. Also we never used a “public” bathroom once. Our room was so convenient that my kids could go to the restroom in the room, instead of using the shared pool bathrooms. Watch the ARRIVAL here.

The pools were amazing, with a great area for the babies to play – a long 6 foot shelf with about 2 inches of water then it drops off to deep water for the older kids. Also great for tanning!

See below:

There is a swim up bar with amazing service and waiters that walk around the pool as well. Not paying for anything and letting the kids eat and drink all day was everything 🙂

The food was fantastic, and although there was a few typical buffet type foods for the kids (nuggets, fries, hot dogs) If you stick to the authentic Mexican food, it was fresh, and MUY DELICIOSO!!

Below is from the Mexican restaurant which. Which had amazing service and amazing food.

My daughter did horse back riding on the beach for only 500 pesos which is about $25 US and she loved every minute! They even let the baby have a sit on the horsey and were so friendly. The best part was not having to leave the resort. We walked out of the pool in our bathers, got on the horse and then went right back to the pool. I loved that it didn’t take up the entire day!

We walked to the grocery store (La Comer) almost every morning because it was such a great walk and the store has literally everything you need! From an espresso bar to pepto-bismol, tourist gifts, swim googles, hot sauce, tequila, even new underwear for the kids lol. I highly recommend! And i also wish we hadn’t gone shopping down town. This was way cheaper and much better. Seriously.

What didn’t I love? The nightly entertainment didn’t start until 9 pm! WHAT? That’s way too late and we never got to see a show. Bummer! Barcelo – you need two show times to accommodate families. Also, the rooms could use a little updating they are a far cry from luxury. But I’m still ok with that because it was very clean and I never once saw a bug or felt dirty. I’m just saying if you’re looking for the four seasons you will not find that here! To end on a positive note, we finished the trip by hiring a photographer they offered at the resrot and got some amazing family photos!!

You can see all the other photos if you follow me on instagram

Thanks for having us Barcelo, we shall return!! Or least when you add the earlier entertainment for the kids … ADIOS

If you are looking to go! You can get the best deal by using CONNECTION TO CRUISE as your travel concierge. It’s a free service to you, and since they sell so many rooms at Barcelo they can get you the best rates – plus if you are going with a group they can do all the organizing and work for you!

Click the website or you can call 909.798.9133 (Ask for Marlys) 🙂

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