This blog post is going to tell you everything you have always wanted to know about how to host the ultimate mom’s night! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing a good friend of mine and talented designer Joanna Kone as she put on an amazing spread and decorated her home as if it were in a magazine for our monthly mom’s night. Joanna was previously in the fashion industry as a buyer and has an amazing talent for decorating and hosting alike!

Watch the video below to get an insiders grasp of the prep work behind the scenes, and then i’ll tell you where to shop, what to buy and all of our decorating tips that won’t cost you a fortune so your next girls night will be just as flawless. Following the video is a detailed description of where to shop, what to buy and all of the other fine details you might need!

Shopping List

Trader Joe’s is Joanna’s go to store for all of the goodies you’ll need below:- make sure you 5 or 6 different types of cheese- Salami, prosciutto or any other italian meats you can display – Black olives and Green olives. – 2/3 different kinds of nuts – Fresh french baguette- Fresh Fruits (Lemon, Lime, Strawberry, Grapefruit, Pear, apple pomegranate ) – WINE of course! Depending on how many people are coming but i like to say one bottle per person and that might sound like a lot but you never want to run out so it’s always better to have extra. – Cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes in different colors and cucumber -Fresh flowers- New candles unscented for the decor


The music is almost the most important part of your party! I can’t believe so many people get this wrong and I just can’t stress enough how important it really is. The music sets the tone for the night and the mood of your guests so if it’s not on or it’s not on loud enough people will not have and it will be boring. So make sure you get the music on at least one hour before the party starts. That way if somebody comes early or you are running late nobody walks into a “library house”! I also have my favorite playlists ready to go from Apple music or spotify.

Food & Drink placement

Like Joanna said in the video above, always put food in 3 or 4 areas so no matter where people are sitting or standing there are appetizers there. We also always have the glasses out for water and wine, so people can help themselves and don’t have to ask for a glass or wait to be served. Keep the white wine and rose on ice somewhere that everybody can access and see. The fridge is not a good idea because nobody will go in your fridge without feeling weird or having to ask. As for the desserts keep it out on display the whole time. Some people try to bring it out at the end but then it will never get eaten, and besides it looks really pretty on display! 🙂


Having some kind of entertainment is fun and always a good ice breaker! Joanna did the wine game with gifts for the winners which was so cute and so much fun! You can also do something simple like cards against humanity, or even writing down funny topics on flash cards and letting people pick one out to start.


I interviewed Joanna word for word for her decorating suggestions and here is her advise:” Usually I do pretty complex floral arrangements (for holiday meals, etc) but because I wanted the food boards to be the star last night (and it was a casual Friday night happy hour), I just kept it simple with simple white hydrangeas and some vintage colored mason jars I originally bought years ago at a flea market. Using one type of flower means centerpieces take seconds to assemble and make for a relaxed, more comfortable table. As for where to purchase food boards, I gravitate towards Studio McGee, Shoppe Amber Interiors or LSA International. My go-to cheese board and one that I used last night is by Aborel; they do custom cutting boards and are designed by my friend, Derek, and his dad…right here in Orange County. I love wood tables as a backdrop for a tablescape but last night to switch it up, I used a basic white linen tablecloth I bought from Jenni Kayne. I’m not usually down with table cloths, but I feel like if it’s linen or striped, it’s okay. I also think that a tablecloth lends to a more feminine tablescape which I thought would have more of a magical feel outside at night under the mini twinkle lights (in the vines) and the Edison string lights (up above)I usually stick to a three (or four) color palette for anything I’m doing. So in the specific case of last night, each food board (or setting) had it’s own “theme”. For instance, I used silver, white and blue for the outside (with shades of red for contrast). Over the years, I’ve collected different styles of glassware, and last night I used my most decorative vintage style glasses outside— paying homage to the “pretty” theme we had going. I wanted all the moms to feel like they were escaping their own houses for a minute, and feel transported as if they were on a mini vacation. But the best part was that they were still in their neighborhood so they could easily get home if needed. The most affordable, bang for your buck tip I have is changing out the color of the napkins for different holidays. I hadn’t yet purchased my autumn-themed napkins or I would have used those last night. H&M sells solid linen napkins for $5.99 each that can be used again and again. Lately I’ve been into knotting my napkins because it’s easy and fun, but the very best part is that this napkin style looks better unironed, so it’s a win-win all around. Okay what else? Oh— Good smelling candles are essential for creating a homey atmosphere. I think that smell makes the biggest impact when your guests walk in, and make a home feel more out together than it actually is ;). For the holidays, I also keep a bit of hot apple cider and spices brewing on the stove. Maybe it’s cheating, but scents really help a party feel like a party. Lastly, changing the decorations on your door helps to greet your guests. This year I bought a faux floral wreath because our door gets direct sunlight and I didn’t think a fresh or dried flower wreath could survive the sun’s intensity. A simple tip is to buy a basic green faux boxwood or eucalyptus wreath you can use year after year (Oct thru Dec) and add accents of your own autumnal or holiday colored flowers. Club Botanic has beautiful wreaths and ships quickly.”

Photos from the event

We honestly had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again next month! I hope you all enjoyed the article and got some great decorating tips along the way! As always, please share this with your network of mama friends and spread the love!
xo- Megan

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