You’ve been “Booed” is a fun Halloween game to play with your kids and neighbors to bring in some fun and loving halloween spirt. It’s easy to play and you can download the free printable templates here. 

What is a BOO BASKET?

A boo basket is a little basket full of goodies like candy, Halloween socks, light up toys and anything fun for families or even pets to enjoy. See below for ideas on what I like to put in the boo baskets and also keep it cost effective!

halloween boo basket

how to play

To start the game just print out the free printable below and choose two of your neighbors (preferably with kids) to “Boo”.

We leave the basket of treats/presents on the door step, and I like to tape or pin up the sign for them on the front door that says “you’ve been booed”.

Then the kids ring the doorbell and run and hide! It is the most fun game of “ding dong ditch”, expect your not a pest because you really just made somebody’s day!

To keep the game going your neighbors will leave the sign up on their front door to ensure they do not get a repeat basket and they will choose two more neighbors. Within a week you will notice almost every door in the neighborhood has been “booed” and it’s really quite fun for all of the kids

We are so lucky to live in a neighborhood that is full of kids and families and the people in our community really love to spread holiday cheer!

Halloween is crazy fun, and the kids celebrate with decorations and games all month long! 

My kids were SO excited to sneak around the neighborhood after dark to deliver our treats to unsuspecting friends. The best part was watching how far the “Boo” spread up and down the street, around the block, and even over to the next neighborhood area. Signs popped up on every window, and kids eagerly chatted and tried to guess who had booed who. Such fun!

This year after my friend and I searched for hours trying to find the cutest printable so I decided to personalize it a bit and create my own “You’ve Been Booed” printable, so that we can track just how far our initial boo love reaches. I can’t wait to see the signs up on everyone’s windows and doors, and I thought that you might like to join in the fun too!

And don’t worry if your neighborhood doesn’t have lots of kids! You can boo adults too! This year my kids booed their aunties and the basket was full of doggie chew toys, Halloween notepads, and candy. It really brightens the day when you get an unexpected surprise and it really is so much fun to spread the joy!

Boo basket Inspiration

Since Halloween is known for candy, and it’s the last thing our kids need more of this time of year I really try to think outside the box and get fun items that are not full of sugar! Below are some of my favorite things to put inside the boo baskets.

Halloween boo baskets
  1. Halloween Charcoal Tooth Brush pack of 5 for $7.99 (cut these down the middle to make two gifts)

2. Safe Non-Toxic Face and Body Crayons $7.98

3. Halloween Lego set $9.58

4. Spooky wheels on the bus book $3.99

5. Halloween coloring books pack of 12 for $7.88

6. Glow in the dark fabric paint (6 pack) $7.50 (use in multiple boo baskets for kid to make shirts or crafts)

7. Pint Square Vented Wooden Berry Baskets – Set of 6 $10.95

8. LED Flashlight 6-pack Impact Handheld Torch Assorted Colors with Lanyard 3AAA Battery Included $14.99

9. pack of 10 orange and navy bows for girls $12.99

10. Wild Republic Rubber Snake, 46″ $8.99

11. Kangaroo’s “Do You Want to Build a Jack O’ Lantern“, (3-Pack) $10.88

12. YumEarth Organic Lollipops, Assorted Flavors, 50 Lollipops $5.04

Pet friendly boo baskets!

A list of all of our favorite toys and gifts that are perfect for your small fur babies!


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