I was lucky enough to come here with my husband right before we got engaged! It was such an amazing experience and we cannot wait to come back here with our kids for a family snow trip! First, I will tell you my husband is Australian and snowboard obsessed. He had been here snowboarding several times before we met and wanted to show me what it was all about. When I told people from Orange County we were going here to snowboard, most people looked at me like I was insane – and thought who the hell would fly that far to snowboard!?

What i learned is that you don’t fly all the way here “just to snowboard” although the snow is incredible and you do have fresh powder every single day! EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is an unforgettable experience, with amazing food, the nicest people and truly a winter wonderland. The snow town is designed for families, its extremely modern, clean and beautiful beyond words. We flew from LAX to Sapporo, Japan. When we arrived in Sapporo who knows what day or time it was lol very confusing and we got a hotel room inside the airport. It was pretty cool to not have to get in a taxi or anything just walk straight to your room. The hotel was clean and had really really good food. I had ramen for breakfast lol. Don’t mind me..

When we woke up in the morning, we had to catch a bus from the airport and the bus ride is about 2 and a half hours to Niseko. Sounds like a huge ordeal but getting here was the best adventure of all. The bus rides through an incredible winter wonderland forest with snow and cherry blossoms like you ever never seen or imagined. My photos don’t do it justice. Although i’m sure when we go back with the iPhone 10 i can do a better job capturing this!

The bus stops at a halfway point at this super cool market with food and drinks and shopping.

When we finally got to Niseko we were picked up by an organized car and checked into our house. The accommodations here are insanely nice. They are remodeled, 3 stories high with a huge kitchen and private jacuzzi tub on the porch. We stayed with 3 other couples so we opted for a rather nice and large house but everything you rent here is modern and really cool. Plus the houses come with maid service daily so its better than a hotel!

If we had the kids i would be just fine inside this gorgeous house with a cocktail! The porch was so big and right off the living area so we went in and out of the spa all day long with giant snowflakes falling. So fun. Snowboarding was exceptional but i don’t have to tell you that! You can just research the ski town and you’ll see people come here from all over the world to experience it.

The cool thing about Nesiko is that anywhere you want to go you can walk. All the restaurants, the lifts, bars, massages, onsens .. you name it. They also have little shuttles like the ones in mammoth that are free and every 20 min. (Oh yeah if you don’t know what an onsen is)REST, RELAX & REJUVENATE — Immersing yourself in an onsen (Japanese hot spring) is an experience not to be missed when traveling in Japan. Naturally occurring volcanic hot water springs are a source of welcome relief from tired muscles and joints after a long day on the mountain. But what you perhaps didn’t know is that not every onsen is the same; the water used in an onsen can have a wide variety of mineral compositions based on its location and path of the water. The Japanese categorize the types of onsen and associate different health benefits with different types of water.

While you are riding the slopes during the day they have the best kids club and ski school and start them as young as 3 years old. ( Check it out ) We had our daughter on a snowboard at 3 years old she just loved it! So we can’t wait to bring her here and the babe too when he’s a but older.

The food here is just so so good and if we return with the kiddos we might even get a nanny to come so we can have some adult night outs. The nanny services get amazing reviews and a few our friends have personally used them and had nothing but good things to say! The first bar i would go back to? This little tiny hidden fridge door in the middle of the snow!

crawl yourself in … but then BE AMAZED by high ceilings plenty of bar space great music and an unforgettable evening! Until next time Japan …
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