A detailed guide on how to pick the best realtor in Orange County.  Sometimes it’s not best to do your homework!

Finding the right Realtor is hard! Yes, of course, they are a dime a dozen these days and I’m sure you know at least 5 that are just dying for your business. But it isn’t smart to pick a realtor simply because they are your friend or family or because you feel obligated. Do your homework and follow easy guide below while you are interviewing. 

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8 things to look for:

  1. Do they know the area and your specific community well? Are they a local or frequent the area often?
  2. Do they have a good reputation with other realtors in the community?
  3. How many years experience do they have? Have many homes have they sold? How many buyers have they represented? 
  4. How well versed are they with the contracts? A good realtor knows the contracts like the back of their hand and should be able to answer any question you rattle off. If they are in experienced this is a huge red flag.
  5. Are they an organized person? Do they answer the phone regularly or call you back within a few hours? A good realtor needs to be organized or your deal can and will fall apart. Don’t be fooled by a well-dressed salesman. Find the real deal.
  6. What broker do they work for? A good realtor will work for a classy reputable broker. This is very important for marketing especially when you are selling your home.
  7. Ask them when was the last time they sold a home that closed escrow? They need to have RECENT SALES. Find out by simply asking them what they have sold recently or search online yourself. Real Estate laws are changing daily and you need somebody who is currently in the game and his recent experience.
  8. Read all of their Zillow reviews! Zillow reviews are accurate and Zillow verifies that it is a real client by making the reviewer put the address of them home that was bought or sold and it asks the reviewer i what way did they work with the agent.

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The best realtor in Orange County

Danae has been doing Real Estate in Orange County for 13 years among a few other highlights:

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*14 years of full-time sales and marketing experience*Certified short sale/foreclosure and property management specialist

*Previous manager of top real estate teams achieving over $500 million in closed sales

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A detailed guide on how to pick the best realtor to sell your home in the Orange County area.
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