Hi, you guys! So i got this amazing book in the mail today from the author Molly Dresner! She is a nationally certified speech and language pathologist, among a million other credentials and the book is SO GOOD that i had to share with you all!First of all it’s written for parents so it’s super easy to understand, secondly it’s a very fast read of about 55 pages so you can get through it in 20/30 minutes! Which is perfect for mom’s (like me) who want to read and learn new things but don’t necessarily have the time for an entire drawn out book! This is simple and to the point!

My daughter Charlie excelled in speech and was fully communicating in sentences at 1 year old. So it’s so hard for me to compare my 18-month-old son, who is nowhere near sentences yet! (Although I know, I know you can never compare the kids) Anyway, the first thing I did after reading 3 pages in the book was, stop reading and write down every word my son knew so  I could measure where he was at of course!

Apparently, he is doing just fine and right where he should be, but I still loved the book and it gave me so many good tips to help him do even better! My biggest take away was to start making him say words before I give him something he wants! For example, when he points to the snack cabinet and says “ahhhh” now I can say Carter say “snack” and he actually tried and it sounded pretty good so I now have another word I can almost add to the list :)… These simple reminders along with the science behind the word and pronunciation made it such an interesting fun read. (I’m a dork I know.)

Anyway, She also has several other great tips for babies up through age 5 so I highly recommend for any mom with babies or toddlers! I am so grateful that not only she wrote this book, but that she shared it with me!

We are giving away two copies of the book this week on Instagram so make sure you follow me and comment if you want to win a copy!

You guys can order the book on Amazon for just $9.99 or it’s FREE on the kindle if you have the subscription <3 Hope you enjoy it as much as i did!
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