1. Newport Beach AYSO Soccer Registration closes August 18th. This ranges from ages 5years -16years and class starts in September and runs through December 2018. $157

2. Newport Beach Baseball NBBA accepts players between the age of 3 and 14 years old with a Date of Birth (DOB) between 09/01/2003 and 08/31/2015.Spring 2018 Registration Fees:$275 for players age 8-14 DOB: 09/01/2003 to 08/31/2010 $250 for players age 5-7 DOB: 09/01/2010 to 08/31/2013 $225 for players age 3-4 DOB: 09/01/2013 to 08/31/2015

3. TEAM OC Gymnastics and Cheer They start them as young as 18 months in the parents and me class and then move on to pre-school gymnastics, and then so forth as they get older and more advanced! The cost for 1x per week is about $80 a month and goes up if you want to add more days or other classes! We love coming here because they have the most comfortable seats for the parents to watch 🙂

4. South Coast Music Together For kids ages 0-5 years of age. Your tuition includes your weekly classes with up to 4 makeups a semester, professional recordings to take home, an illustrated songbook with activity suggestions, digital access to the exclusive , and a family guide to understanding music development in children. Fall Semester starts October 1 2018First child: $235 Sibling: $195 Sibling  under 9 months: FREE!

5. Odyssey Dance Academy For kids starting as young as 2.5 years old through -teens. The tuition prices are reasonable as well. See the website to Register and get more details! Monthly Tuition Rates:45 Minutes/Week…………$551 Hour/week……………….. $601.75 Hours/week………….$902 Hours/week…………….. $1003 Hours/week…………….. $1354 Hours/week…………….. $1605 Hours/week…………….. $1756+ Hours/week………..…. $190

6. Learn Spanish at Spectrum Language They offer both in office and in home or business location services. It is a little pricey, but i know when they are little they can learn so quickly and what an amazing skill to use throughout life! Prices range from $650.00-$750.00 for a ten session package depending on the language, location, and promotions. They do offer incentive pricing for new customers including FREE TRIAL SESSIONS!

7. The Music Factory

Students learn specially composed songs and rotate between, receiving guitar lessons, drum instruction, piano and singing instruction, with the goal of performing real concerts for parents and family! No experience or at home practice required! We provide everything to participate in the class.

Rock band class for kids 4 to 7 Years Old $129 per monthJr. rockers for kids ages 7-10 years old $149 per month

8. Indoor Swim at Waterworks This is a great place for fall and winter since the pool is heated and indoors! They have so many options for all ages even little babies in the parent and me class, so check the website for all the details! I’ll probably be signing up my daughter for the mermaid camp!

9. Kids Basketball at Newport HoopsThey have teams for boys and girls and ages range from Kindergarten- Grade 8. It looks like most of the games are at the Newport Coast Community Center!

10. Kids Horseback riding Lessons Newport Mesa Riding led by Lisa is a great start for horseback riding lessons! I believe when i spoke to her kids should be around 5/6 years of age to start, but you can call and get her opinion of your child and when is the best age to start!Introductory Lesson:  Your first horseback riding lesson at Newport Mesa Riding Center will be a private lesson. This lesson is an opportunity to introduce you to our program and allow us to assess your current skill level. Afterward, we will discuss your goals in order to develop a program to best suit your needs. The Introductory Lesson is $60.00.

11. Kids Tennis Lessons – Grip N’ Rip Jr. Tennis The curriculum is designed to provide a basic foundation of tennis skills for all children ages 5-14. Upon check-in all children will be assigned a staff pro (and counselor for young ones) who will coach and monitor them throughout the week. Children will also be assigned to a team (designated by colored wrisitbands) where they will accrue points and challenge other teams. It all ends in a fun and friendly competition on Thursday. During the week our pros develop skills such as positioning to the ball and finding the proper contact point. Then they allow the students to implement their newly learned skills into fun games and drills. Children are assigned and grouped to courts/coach by primarily using age but also ability.

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