Hi mamas! Today I am sharing with you the best baby monitor on the market and why! First of all, I cannot believe how many options there are these days for baby monitors and second of all it took me hours of research only to be more confused. Of course, I let my husband start researching and he found the best one in just a few hours. (eye roll)

However, I am so happy with it and I’m here to tell you all about it! So

If you want to purchase the Nanit  Here is the order link and this link has a $20.00 discount for you. 

My first and foremost favorite thing is that I have the app on my iPhone and I can always see and hear the baby wherever I am, even if I don’t have WIFI connection it still works with my cellular data. For example, when we are out on a date I can watch the nanny put him to bed and I know if he rolls over or wakes up and she attends to him. I also have watched my husband put him to bed while I was downstairs but it was so sweet to see him pat his little back. It also helped my coach him .. ” make sure you do this .. and don’t do that”, “and he loves his head rubbed” .. you get the idea!

Baby Nanit over the crib
Baby Nanit over the crib

Second best feature, is the music option. So after i put him to sleep if i think it’s a little loud downstairs, or if he starts moving around i can go to the app on my iPhone and play music for him! You can choose waves, rain, nature sounds etc. and you can also choose if you want it to play for 5 minutes, 15 minutes or all night long! Amazing! I have also used this feature when the nanny was trying to get him to sleep and we were out to dinner and i just pressed the waves on for her! Haha .. she probably had no idea where the lovely sounds came from :)Third favorite is how clear I can see him in perfect color during the day and at night you can see really really well. You can also hear everything in the room perfectly. A Lot of other monitors are blurry and when i show my friends they always say WOW.

Last but not least, the playback feature is pretty cool. When you wake up in the morning it will literally tell you the baby slept 7 hours and 5 minutes, he woke up twice. He was restless for 30 minutes.. etc. You get the idea. And with these stats you can start to recognize a sleep pattern and therefore get him on a good schedule. It also helps to not walk in right after a 5 second cry. (since you know he will go right back to sleep as he always does). And while this feature is designed for tracking the sleep, i really used it for peace of mind when i wasn’t home. When my son was 6 months old, I was still working and I had to go into my office once a week. I hated leaving him, but was so so happy i had the nanit to watch and hear everything. If i was in a meeting and couldn’t watch the LIVE feed, I could just click the insights and watch any and all movement during that day. So I could see that she put him down at 9:32am and I could see she helped pat his back for 6 minutes, then i would see that he woke up at 12:09pm and she was right there to grab him at 12:10pm. LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! Plus, when i got home i didn’t have to ask when he slept or how long he slept because i already knew :)(Also will show you when your daughter decides to climb in the crib with the baby at 7am haha)

Brother and Sister Nanit Camera
Brother and Sister Nanit Camera

Other EXTRA Awesomeness:

  • It always tells you the temp and humidity of the room! I still use this every single night. We always make sure it’s not to hot or cold in there! Our master bedroom has the best ocean breeze so we feel great and then sometimes his room gets stuffy and if it’s over 75 degrees i know to put the air on for a minute to cool it down in there! Same goes for winter time if it gets to cold – You get the idea. – You can add caregivers or family members and only give them access to the camera when you want to! So whenever my mom watches the kids i give her access to the camera and she can watch him sleep while she’s downstairs etc. and doesn’t have to worry about not hearing him wake up!-You don’t have to have the app open to use it, if the baby wakes up or there is a movement, a notification comes up on your phone. (DING)- There is a light over the monitor and you can turn it on from your iPhone. Some kids like a night light. Or maybe he lost his paci and you don’t want to wake him up by turning on the bedroom light. Great feature. – I love that it tracks nap time, and will summarize the day for me. Carter naped for 1 hour a 36 minutes today. I’m like “oh thank you so much” because otherwise, I’m sitting here like ok I think he fell asleep at this time and what time did I wake him up .. and it would be impossible to track that accurately without this amazing monitor!- I will also add here that my husband travels a lot for work and he loves that he is sort of still in the loop and he always calls me when he see’s that the baby is asleep! And, it doesn’t work for just a crib, Now that the baby is in a big boy bed.. we still use the nanit! See photo below
Nanit Camera over a big boy bed
Nanit Camera over a big boy bed

Eventually when you don’t need it over the bed anymore, You can buy a little stand and put on the dresser. I will probably keep this into the teen years to keep a close eye on them playing! Haha!

I Hope you all enjoyed my review of the nanit and if you don’t already have one here is the link again with a $20.00 off discount for you!

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