I am room mom this year and had the pleasure of buying all of the faculty gifts for our classroom. To create this list I actually interviewed 6 different teachers to get the real deal and make your holiday shopping that much easier!

I would also like to point out that most teachers have a list created of their favorite things and favorite stores so it makes it a little easier on you! If your teacher doesn’t have this form already made, I created a blank version for you, so you can print it HERE and have her fill it out for you! This makes your shopping THAT MUCH easier so it’s a great idea!

A few of my favorite things (Teacher)

  1. Movie Tickets. They also sell a 10 pack at Costco so you can save even more and get more bang for your buck.

2. Gift card to a local restaurant. At Costco, you can get two $50.00 gift cards for $79.00 so you save money and they get more!


3. Lakeshore Learning gift cards. This is a teacher supply school and believe it or not they all love to shop there!

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4. Starbucks gift card for morning coffee. Depending on your budget I like to buy multiple cards in $10 increments so that they go multiple times and enjoy it on themselves. Sometimes if you put it all on one card it doesn’t last as long.

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5. Bluetooth Speaker for the classroom. Every teacher plays music for the kids and research shows that study music played softly in the background really helps the kids focus. A good speaker for the classroom is a great idea!

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6. Polaroid camera. Teachers love taking pictures of the kids for all kinds of projects and activities throughout the year. A Polaroid camera is so fun because the photos come out instantly.

a.  Polaroid FILM – The most expensive part of using a polaroid is the cost of film. Buy them 5/6 packs to last a while! Or buy the whole set from Amazon below

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7.  Teachers love to read and although It’s hard to pick a book for somebody, a gift card to Amazon is a wonderful idea! They can use it for kindle OR order a book they love.

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8. Lulu Lemon or Athleta gift card. Apparently, all teachers love good workout clothes. Makes sense that they would want to be comfortable.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 5.23.33 AM

9. Voluspa Candle. You can get these at Nordstrom and although teachers don’t love the mish-mosh candles from TJMAXX a good expensive candle smells amazing and looks good in the home too. It’s the easiest most appreciated gift. Nordstrom also gifts wraps for you for free, so its the easiest gift! Make sure you get a soft clean scent like cotton or clean linen so it works with her scent preference. You can also get these beauties on amazon prime 🙂 (linked below)

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10. Classroom plant from bristol farms, or fresh flowers. Teachers love having fresh flowers on their desk and the kids love it too! If you get fresh flowers, make sure it’s not on the last day of school so they have time to enjoy them with the kids. If you want to go above and beyond you can schedule regular deliveries and give her the gift of fresh flowers once a month for an entire year from bouqs! (linked below)

anniversary beautiful birthday bloom
Bouqs Flower subscription 

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