There is certainly not shortage of options when it comes to finding cupcakes, ice cream or something special you can bring the kids to. I like to save these for a moment when I want to say I’m really proud of you and I’m taking you somewhere special”. My kids always remember too, for example my 5 year old still associates B candy in CDM with the completion of pre K at Saint Marks pre school! 

I love making memories with them especially the sweet kind!

Without further ado here are my favorite places to grab a treat with the kids:

Allbirds Tree Runner - Whitecap

This is especially fun to visit because they have a variety of ice cream, cookies, cupcakes and tons of toys and fun things to see. Probably a first pick for my kids! Located in CDM right of pacific coast highway. 

Located in CDM, right across from fashion Island in the little shopping center with bristol farms and jacks surfboards. I love taking the kids here becuase they have outdoor seating and a peet’s coffee next door for me! They also have a new smoothie shop that just opened next door, and surprisingly, my two year old prefers this over ice cream so it’s a win win. 

SOCO and the OC mix market

Soco is located right off the 405 freeway near Ikea. This shopping center has a wide range of shopping and is a great place to walk around grab something to eat or a treat of course! Additionally, They have ice cream and treats inside and a susie cakes outside near the fountains. We love coming here to walk around, while  the kids always enjoy playing outside by the fountains. making this a Great spot for a treat!

Equally as important to mention: Every Saturday has a farmers market from 9am-2pm with live music, organic fruits, veggies and treats!

Orange County Ice Cream and Dessert

The Straw -modern milkshakes

The Straw is located in costa mesa, and the milkshakes are equally beautiful as they are delicious! Most shakes range from $8-$10 each but you can snag them for a “happy hour” price daily from 2:30-5:30pm

They also have good tomato soup with grilled cheese which I personally much prefer over milkshakes 🙂

Cream and Sugar is located in anaheim but well worth the drive if you have a daughter obsessed with unicorns as much as mine is! Making this one of our favorite spots to grab a special treat. They are known for their unicorn hot chocolate but offer all sorts of pretty treats loaded with sugar and sprinkles! 

Polar playground is located in Huntington Beach off beach blvd. Most people rave about this place because they serve GIANT cotton candy (or fairy floss as my husband would say). The kids will love watching them make the cotton candy and see the rainbow of colors and effort they put in! They also have amazing ice cream and milkshakes made from real ice cream then put into a machine to make soft serve. 

Orange County Ice Cream and Dessert

Cauldron Ice Cream

Located off the 405 near south coast plaza The Cauldron has beautiful ice cream with several unique flavors! The interior is fu with neon lights and cute sayings like “it won’t lick itself” ! I would note that the location is odd (next to urgent care) but can always cheer you up after a visit to the doctors I suppose! I still think the ice cream is worth the visit. 

Orange County Ice Cream and Dessert

Dad’s is located on the infamous balboa Island, and for that reason alone we love coming here. I love walking Balboa Island as do the kids and there is something special about the small Island and local favorites that brings me back in time and puts a smile on my face! (the kids leave happy too) 🙂

Dough & Arrow, a coffee and cookie shop, grew from love for American classics. A dedicated pastry chef, Gigi will transport you down memory lane with nouveau cookies and pastries. Her meticulous process and high quality ingredients delight anyone’s sweet tooth.  They take as much care with exceptional service, as they do in crafting desserts and coffee. 

Orange County ice cream

Check out this list I made of the best places to order custom treats for your next party in the Orange County area! HERE

Megan Ormando
cheers Megan

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