The Irvine Park Railroad has an adorable Christmas Train Ride the whole month of December! It is located in the city of Orange at the Irvine great park. This is a popular train ride so once tickets go on sale be ready to purchase! Keep reading to see how our trip went last year and when I think the perfect time slot is 🙂

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2019 Christmas Train tickets go on sale Monday, November 4th at 8:00 am.

*Due to circumstances out of our control, the Christmas Train will not operate on Friday, December 6th.

Christmas Train tickets $20.00 per person, 24 months and younger free

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I heard that going at night was best because that’s when it’s all lit up of course, but now that I went I would do it totally different.



2018 we booked 6pm train ride

Our train ride was scheduled for 6 pm and we got on a little early at 5:45 pm. I was prepared for a cute train ride with holiday lights. I knew there was supposed to be a Santa’s Village after the train ride with activities for the kids and photos with Santa if you wanted. HOWEVER, I was slightly wrong.


The train ride is cute and there are pretty lights .. but its main purpose is to drop you off at “The North Pole” where you will wait in the freezing cold to take photos with Santa. Then, the train will pick you back up (an hour later) and you will see a few more lights and drops you back at the start. Which is Santa’s village where you can do all of the cute kid activities.




  1. I already took our photos with Santa at fashion Island last week and spent $45. So there wasn’t anything to do at “The North Pole” besides by a $3.00 styrofoam hot (lukewarm) chocolate.

2. I didn’t pack a diaper bag for a 15-minute train ride… Little did I know we were being dropped off. The baby SH*T his diaper. Of course, he did!

I went to check his diaper and got poop on my finger UGH. So now I’m out in the cold waiting for this train to pick us up with a stinky kid and poop finger. OH JOY!! lol

3. By the time we got back to the village, the kids were cold and tired and wanted to go home. So, therefore, we did not partake in any of the cute activities.

If I had to do it again next year…

  1. I would buy train tickets for 4 pm that way I could take photos with Santa before it got dark and then see all of the lights on the train ride back to the village. (assuming we would head back around 5 right when it gets dark)
  2. I would probably arrive an hour early (again in the daytime) to do the fun kid activities.
  3. I would bring a diaper bag on the train ride!
  4. I would not buy any of their food or drinks and bring your own snack/water bottle.
  5. Make sure the kids have warm jackets and beanie if you do go at night!
  6. A fluffy warm blanket would have been great on the train!
cheers Megan

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