How to make amazing salsa at home.

Every year i make my famous Christmas Salsa and pass it out to all of our neighbors and friends. I think it makes for a great gift and people seem to really love this at the holidays! Probably because most deliveries are sweets and this is quite refreshing and a little spicy! However, you can use this recipe all year around. It is also a hit in summer and a great side for any BBQ.

I have never given out my recipe before until now so if you are reading this, you are in for a treat đŸ™‚ Please note I am not a follow the directions kinda girl so this recipe is not exact. I just buy a large amount and I usually get about 15 jars per batch.


  1. Around 20 Tomatillos
  2. 14 red tomatoes on the vine
  3. Anaheim green chillies x5
  4. Serrano chillies x8
  5. Jalapeno Peppers x8
  6. Red Bell peppers x2
  7. White onions x2
  8. Clove of fresh Garlic
  9. limes x4
  10. Fresh Cilantro x2 bunches
  11. Mason Jars and gift tags

How to make amazing salsa at home.


I wash everything and take the skins off and the top of the peppers. And EVERYTHING gets boiled in hot water. (Except the cilantro and limes)


Once soft, strain itstrain it. You might have to do this 3 times to fit it all. Depending on the size of the pan

.STEP 3.

Then it goes in the food processor. I did such a big batch this was about 15/20 different blends.

You will dump it all into one large bowl or back in the giant pot.


Next you will put the cilantro in the food processor and add that in the mix.


Roll out your limes to make sure you get the most juice out of them and add the juice of all 4 limes. Plus an entire lime zest. (This means you grade the skin and use the green skin for the extra lime flavor) or you can order a Zester Here.


Lastly, salt and pepper. And when you have a huge batch like this you need a lot of salt. I can’t say exactly how much because I eyeball it – But in this large batch probably 8 tablespoons salt and 3 tablespoons pepper.

The salsa needs to chill in the fridge overnight before it can be eaten and all of the flavors soak in. It’s amazing the next day!

Scoop it all in mason jars and add your cute bows or holiday tags and your friends will thank you!!

Hope you guys enjoy the salsa!! XO- Meg

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