and you don’t want to spend any money!

Well, this morning I woke up and wanted to do something fun with the kids but I also didn’t want to spend money since we have been spending a lot lately with the holidays and being off school.

We started by calling a few of my daughter’s friends to see who could come with us since a playdate is so much more fun with friends!

I packed 3 healthy lunches and a few snacks and left the house by 9:30am.

Newport Beach Library usually does storytime on Wednesday’s at 10:30am but of course not this week while the kids are on break when we need it the most! However, it’s almost just as fun to go anyway.

Newport Beach Public Library

They put in a new magnetic wall, fresh carpet and a few new toys as well! There were plenty of kids today and lots for them to do. The ages ranged from babies- 10 year olds. I saw a few older ones doing homework or reading at the tables but mostly toddlers around 2-5 years old.

The kids each picked out 3 books and I read all of them. They actually sat there and listened too! Even the baby.. which is shocking since he hardly sits still at home for a story. Somehow the library creates the environment for fun reading!

Anyway I let them check out there books and this was probably the kids favorite part. Using the library card, scanning the books and picking a bag to hold the new books! (All of this is FREE by the way)

Then we headed over to Marina Park, in Newport Beach on the peninsula. As always one of my favorite spots since the playground is on the water, there are no waves and it’s a really fun playground with bathrooms near by!

Here, you do have to pay for parking if you park in the lot. However since I’m driving a new car without plates there was no way for me to pay using my license plate number. Not sure how that one works but my car was safe and sound. In either event, the parking is really cheap and it would have only cost a few dollars for a couple of hours.

I brought jackets, a blanket and the lunches. Surprisingly, the temperature felt very warm with the sun out and it was a very calm day by the water so we didn’t need our jackets!

At 12:30 pm we headed home with happy kids. A sleeping baby, and a full wallet! I love exploring with the kids and creating memories and there is so much to do around here without spending money!

Follow me for budget friendly, family fun activities! xo – Megan

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