The best organic skincare line just became affordable, available in the U.S. and they won’t hassle you to sell their products either 🙂

Coming to the U.S. all the way from Australia, I am proud to introduce these to you guys as something new to our market that is safe, smells amazing and the super cute packaging is a bonus.

Please note, I do not sell this product so this is an honest and unbiased review. The products were gifted to me for this trial and review.

First up here is the low down on the ingredients:

1. BioGro

The good folks at BioGro set high standards and we work hard to not only meet them but surpass them. Whenever you see the BioGro stamp on one of our products, that means it’s ‘Made with Organics’, which is a guarantee that the product contains over 70% organic ingredients. In addition to this, we list the organic and natural percentage of each and every product we make on our packaging.

2. Cruelty-Free

This is a no-brainer. We just don’t get why anyone needs (or would want) to test their products on animals.

3. Vegan & Gluten-Free

Our products are certified vegan by the UK Vegan Society. You don’t want to make them part of your diet, but we guarantee that your skin will eat them up! Oh, and by the way, our products are gluten-free too.


Every time you purchase one of their products they’ll plant a tree.

Let me show you guys some of my favorite products:

  1. Clean Slate Holy Basil Cleanser

It smells amazing… almost like lemon verbena but I can’t quite describe it. It is incredibly SOFT – almost like using butter. A small amount washes away all of my makeup, (even the black mascara) and doesn’t leave my skin oily like other products. Also, I don’t use that much so I feel like this will last a while!

2. Cheeky Lips

Well, my first thoughts were slightly superficial and I was sold before I even opened it up! I just love the name cheeky lips, I love the packaging and I also love the wooden lid. Then I was pleasantly surprised at the soft pink color and also the moisture it provides. Apparently, you can also use this as a blush as well but I have yet to try that. This also comes in 7 other colors for those that are not a fan of light pink!

3. Eye Shadow

The pigment is fantastic and lasts all day long. You can get the real color without using a primer and it’s better than any of the eye shadows I have tried in the U.S. – I am not a huge fan of shimmer so I would love to order these nudes in a flat version.

How to buy it?

Well, guess what! You don’t have to join any MLM or sign up to be a VIP. You can literally just ORDER! Yes, that’s right, you can order straight from the company website, select retail locations that are coming soon or from a direct consultant.

This company seems to be really focused on the products, rather then the idea of MLM and I love that you can just order products without being pressured to sell them!

Order from this mama direct with ZERO pressure to sign up OR order from the website. Make sure you check out all of the other awesome products they offer too!

Plus they ship FREE to the U.S. with a minimum order.

Have you tried these products yet? Comment below and let me know what you think! And don’t forget to subscribe for updates of new product reviews and releases! Thanks – Meg

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