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By Megan Ormando @thatocmomlife

My yoga teacher says every January, “I don’t care about your New Years Resolutions” She believes everyday is a new opportunity to be a better version of yourself. And while I can agree somewhat in the sense that you shouldn’t make goals just because you’re supposed to and then let them all go half way through January. I don’t full heartedly agree!


Every year I do goal setting with my husband. We sit down and make a dream board together of everything we want for the new year to come. I have always been a firm believer in the saying, “thoughts become things choose the good ones”. 

Our thoughts are what is ‘real’; they’re the starting point of all that will become tangible in our lives, …nothing plays a greater role in how we construct our fortunes and misfortunes than the thoughts we choose to think” –Mike Dooley, Infinite Possibilities, with Thoughts Become Things.

But Seriously, when you manifest what you want even if it doesn’t seem probable at the time, the goal becomes real and you become that much closer to getting there. 

Sometimes, just by writing it down gives us a road map to where we are going. Without the map you’ll never arrive. Here is the board we made up for 2019. (I always make it as pretty as possible and frame it in our master bedroom so we can see it and be reminded) I am a visual person so I like to see it not just write it. I also hand choose my dreams online and then drag all of the images to pages (mac users) and then print it out. Cut it and glue it. I like this much better then using magazines so that I can get exactly what I’m looking for. 

And now trust me, I probably won’t buy two houses this year. But at least I know that’s what I want and every decision I make should be heading in that direction. Even if it means I saved a lousy $500 for a down payment 🙂

Among the house and the materialistic things I also really want:

  • To be more patient 
  • To show respect and kindness to my kids instead of just demanding it
  • To spend more time on myself and getting ready
  • Listening to more audio books (x3 a week)
  • Getting on that damn spin bike in my bedroom 5x a week instead of 2/3
  •  Writing in my gratitude journal everyday
  • Let go of the stuff that no longer serves me
  • and learning something new for my website twice a week. 

Here are some of my favorite things to use when planning my goals

Blinkest is my favorite app ever! It gives you access to 1000’s of non fiction books in audible or readable versions. Best part? It summarizes that shit into “blinks” and you can get the all the good stuff in about 15/20 minutes. I get to read about 2 or 3 books a week this way before my kids wake up. I’m always learning and I just LOVE it! 

You can download the app and try it for free for 7 days and then after that it’s about $85 for the yearly subscription. Totally worth it in my opinion! Plus, it shows you what is popular right now and breaks it down into categories so it’s easy to find new books. 

Some of my favorite topics to listen to:

  • parenting books
  • relationship advice
  • money, wealth and savings
  • marketing, social media and SEO
  • Happiness and mindfulness 
But you can literally listen to whatever floats your boat! GIve it a try and let me know if you guys like it! I would love to hear how you guys plan your goals and what your favorite practices are. Do you have a morning ritual? A gratitude Journal? Daily affirmations? Comment below and tell me 🙂


XO – Meg

Some of my favorite reads include:

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