What is Bambino?

Bambino is a community for parents and babysitters to connect. A place where they can find each other through common connections and chat. Where parents can review sitters once they’ve sat for them, and where sitters can see their connection to parents before they sit for them.


The Bambino app is FREE to download! They only charge a minimal booking fee after you hire your sitter ($2.95)


Sitters set their own rates and are categorized into Junior, Standard, Advanced and Elite sitters. 

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Meet Lindsay, The South Orange County Organizer for Bambino and her beautiful family

We got to chat all about Bambino, how it saved her marriage and why she chose to get involved! Plus she breaks down all the details about why we should start using this service too! Check out out one on one interview below:

So tell me about Bambino and what exactly is it?

Today’s families often live in neighborhoods, next to other families. Households with young adults and teenagers living next to homes with small children. Moms side-by-side with other moms. The problem is, people are staying indoors more and more, and they rarely get to know their neighbors.

This became abundantly clear to our founder Sean Greene.  “One night when I needed a babysitter, and I couldn’t find one. I figured there must be a bunch of them right in my neighborhood, but I didn’t know who they were or how to get to them. So I created an app for that.”

Bambino is a community for parents and babysitters to connect. A place where they can find each other through common connections and chat. Where parents can review sitters once they’ve sat for them, and where sitters can see their connection to parents before they sit for them.


Can you tell me about a specific person who has used this service? Do you use it?

Personally, it’s been a babysitting game changer for me. My husband is a firefighter and can be gone for days at a moments notice as happened with the Woosley Fire last fall. Booking a Bambino babysitter to have some ‘me’ time was a total sanity saver during those 10 days.


What was your life like before you had Bambino?

Last September, my sister-in-law was telling me about this amazing babysitting app and at the time I had NO sitters, but a huge need for more date nights with my husband. I love my 2 boys, ages 8 and 10, more than anything, but sometimes you just need a break. Not a vacation. Not a weekend away. We’re talking hours — a few precious hours. And with our schedules, we can’t plan date night weeks or even days in advanced. So when I heard someone had invented an app where you could find, book and pay a sitter in a few clicks and swipes…I was in! But then I thought. “Wait. What? No—I can’t trust my kids with a babysitter found on an app.”

So I did my research before signing on as the Community Coordinator. I found Bambino leverages your social network to find local sitters that local families have used and recommended. Further, the app adds an extra layer of safety by vetting each sitter and requiring them to have both a Facebook account and a bank or Venmo account.  

What’s it like working on the Bambino Team?

Our team is incredible! We have over 80 Community Coordinators all over the country.  They’re all moms who saw a need for an easy babysitting solution in their community and are loving helping other parents be able to live life and know their kids are well taken care of and taking that stress away!

Is there a particular moment that stands out for you?

When Gwyneth Paltrow posted about Bambino on Goop! What! This is her quote, “Bambino is genius! It’s an app where you can find babysitters, who often live in your neighborhood, who have been recommended and vetted by trusted friends—so you’re not blindly picking from an anonymous directory of randoms. With the insane pace of life today it’s nice to know that one part of parenting just got easier.”


Tell me what attracted you to join this cause and why it holds such a special place in your heart. 

I absolutely love helping parents find great sitters. Allowing for spontaneity again and time for couples to be together while helping local sitters find more opportunities to earn money – a win-win! Making these valuable connections for families and sitters is truly rewarding!   


I was thrilled to bring Bambino to Orange County, because I enjoy connecting families like mine to local sitters when they are needed, making it so easy

What would you say to somebody considering using Bambino over say “care.com” ?

Well, I guess it depends on what you’ve been using. If you’ve been using existing online resources like Care.com or Sittercity that require a hefty monthly subscription fee and provide strangers from across the city to watch your kids, than we’re way better! No setup or subscription fees and the sitters are in and around your neighborhood.

If you’ve been using traditional means of asking friends and neighbors who they recommend so you can find a trusted sitter that lives in your neighborhood, than we aren’t much different, just much, much easier! With Bambino, the Sitters are recommended by your friends and neighbors and they live in and around your neighborhood.


What do you think others should know about this company?

Since its release on June 10, 2016, Bambino has been catching on with families and sitters across the country.  To date Bambino has more than 45,000 registered sitters and over 55,000 parents.



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