Logan James is a collective of amazing fashion at affordable prices.

Owner and Founder of Logan James, Raegan Centala, has seen it all in the industry.  Having worked in Fashion and Retail for almost 8 years now, she has been able to help women with all different needs.  Raegan strives herself on making women feel confident in their clothes while spending the least to feel this way. 


She has always shared that women are the hardest on themselves and it got to a point where she was internalizing all the insecurities and it started to show.  When she decided to go off on her own and start a business, she was asked, “Why Logan James?”


Her response was, “Logan James is the name of my nephew and Godson. When I was overcoming the changes in my life to become the best self I could, I kept telling myself, ‘I want to be here for Logan James.’ He is a light in my life. He will bring a smile to anyone’s face. He will never complain, never back down, or let anything get to him. Logan James’ energy and confidence is what I want everyone to have when they leave the shop.”

I am wearing this butter soft pink sweater with Ruffle sleeves casually to pick up my kids from school. But I also loves that I could wear this with heels and black skinny jeans for a date night!

Harlowe & Graham Ruffle Sleve


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