We make storytime fun!

I started this youtube channel with my daughter to make storytime fun and to help keep us on track with two stories a day! Sometimes we slack off and sometimes we forget to film but it has been a fun project that I’m excited to share with other young readers who want to listen in and join our storytime!

I think it’s incredible that kids can read in Kindergarten now! When I was in kindergarden all we had to learn were manners and how to write our name and boy has the world changed! My daughter is smart, but sometimes this reading thing can be a challenge. I find it really hard to not compare her skill level with the other kindergarteners.  

What I have to remind myself daily is that she has a joy for school, and a happy carefree personality that will take her so much further in this world then “report card stats”! While she may not be the best reader yet, she sure is a happy girl who gets excited to learn. That’s why I try to make storytime fun and read to her to take some of the pressure off. 

Sometimes kids just want to listen and enjoy. I have also learned that is a skill in itself. Did you know this is part of the testing for report cards in Kindergarten? They want to know if your child can listen properly to a story and be able to relay what came first, what happens next and how the story ends. Being able to listen to a story and then retain the information is also a skill. So studies actually show that listening to books and stories are just as beneficial as reading the beginner books.

Which I for one find completely and utterly exhausting. It is painful to listen to “nat can tap” tap nat tap” Can “Pat and nat tap”. I literally have to read these fun sponge books as soon as we get home from school in order for her to have the attention span to get through them. Everyday it makes me want to start drinking wine at 1pm (Don’t worry – I don’t, but the urge is surely there)

Anyway, Storytime in our reading corner is always so much more enjoyable! So we hope you guys follow along and join us! 

xo – Meg 

5 tips to help your child start reading

  1. Memorize the sight words. Most sight words cannot be sounded out so they have to be memorized. 

2. Pick one easy book they can read over and over again to gain confidence and memorize some easy words.


3.  Point to words when you read stories to them.


4. When you are reading to them, choose one sight word they get to read for the whole book. For example the word “YOU”. That comes up a lot in a story so every time you see it, point to the word and let your child read the one word. It sounds silly but it is fun for them to participate without so much pressure of reading. It also reinforces the memorization of the sight word.


5. Practice counting how many syllables are in different words. For example “TABLE” is two syllables while “DISNEYLAND” is three syllables.  


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