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The Life Vessel is a FDA cleared, Class II medical device that has five US patents and employs the therapeutic modalities associated with vibration, sound and light. Additionally, it utilizes an infrared light source to facilitate an increase in both blood circulation and oxygen levels to the cells, while the simultaneous combination of vibration, light and sound delivers the ultimate experience in relaxation therapy.

Relaxation therapy provides benefits to the body that include: higher energy levels, improved sleep, stronger cognitive abilities, an enhanced immune system and the ability for an individual to reduce stress.

Life Vessel treatments last for a period of one hour and are administered in a series of four sessions, typically over a three or four day period. Since every person is different – as are their conditions – the number of sessions required is dependent on the individual and the severity of their health challenge. In general, positive results are achieved by undergoing between four to eight one-hour sessions.

my experience

I went in the Life Vessel around 11am and with a cold, and I had not eaten yet since I had a sculpting treatment prior to this! When they measured my stress levels and heart rate prior to the vessel, my heart rate was very high (sudafed) and my stress levels were actually pretty good!

While I was inside, I felt relaxed, warm and a little anxious to start. Thoughts in my head … “I’m starving, just relax…. I need to pick up my kids at 12:30… I wonder what time it is… I have to go pee…breathe … relax…marketing thoughts … work.. emails .. back to the kids… and then back to food” I swear I have the worst ADD!! 

At some point I fell asleep, and dozed off – had a few dreams (odd) and then it was time to get up! I felt disoriented at first and needed to wake up.

Then we tested my levels again. Because I was sick, and the frequency in my body got all jumbled up – the numbers showed me extremely stressed out, and worse off then when I started!

The owner, insisted I come back to check my levels a few hours after my body had a chance to settle. So upon 3 hours of my treatment, I tested again, and was significantly better than my original results! It actually shows the age that your body is functioning at, and I shaved about 7 years off my life!

These treatments are administered over a period of 3/4 days and you really need 4 treatments to get optimal results! What I can tell you today is that I slept amazing that night, my cold is basically gone and all of my energy has returned to my body! 

The place I had the treatment is in San Juan Capistrano, and this building is not a wellness center – it’s where the machines are sold out of. ( I also get my quick sculpting done here) Anyway, although it’s not a full on day spa or wellness center, they of course have a machine here and it is welcomed for use by the public. If you want to try it out give them a call for pricing and packages! I believe somewhere around $75 per session and well worth every penny! You will come out 10000X more relaxed then a one hour massage (and you won’t have to tip anyone either 🙂

After I finish my treatments – I’ll be sure to follow up here and let you guys know about my results! I also want to show you this book I’m reading and where I learned about the vessel in the first place! 


Disclaimer: Although I have worked with the owner of Life Vessel for another marketing project and I mentioned I am interested in possibly working with him for this product in the future :


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