Are you curious what the 2019 car seat laws are for California?

Did you know, In 2018, there were 3,651 deaths from motor vehicles in California ALONE!? That is a very alarming number which seems to be increasing year by year. 

Almost all car accidents are preventable with due diligence behind the wheel. It is up to drivers to avoid causing injuries and deaths by driving safely, carefully, and according to the state’s traffic laws. Breaking the law and breaching driver duties cause most fatal collisions in California. Unfortunately, car crash rates in California have increased the last few years, rather than decreasing.

That's why staying up to date with the most recent car seat laws is so important!

It is equally important to have car seats installed properly.  You’ve heard that 75 to 96% of parents get it wrong (depending on the study quoted and age of child) and you want to do it properly so your child is as safe as possible.

This is the confusing part as different car seats have various restrictions and recommendations to install that particular car seat. Plus the car typically has a couple of methods available for installing your car seat.  Hoagg, actually offers a FREE car seat installation class that you can sign up for HERE

2019 California Car Seat Laws:

California Vehicle Code Section 27360 requires children under 2 years old to travel in a rear-facing car seat if they are under 40 pounds (18.1 kilograms) in weight or measure over 40 inches (102 cm) in height. California law also states car seats must be secured as directed by the seat manufacturer and users must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for size and weight limits.

Once children exceed the size and weight limits for a rear-facing seat, they must ride in a forward-facing child safety seat until they reach the upper weight and size limits specified for that seat. Children under age eight must either travel in a toddler car seat or a booster seat and must ride in the back seat of the vehicle.

After age 8, it is strongly recommended children continue using a booster seat until they reach 4 feet 9 inches (144.8 cm) in height, but at a minimum, they must be secured with an adult seatbelt.


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