DIY Desk Refurbish in less than 24 hours!

I just love refurbishing old furniture and making it new again! The only thing I love more is when I find the furniture for FREE! Sometimes I fix it up for myself and other times I sell it for a profit when I’m finished.  Anybody can do this and I’ll show you how I do it in less than 24 hours and just 5 simple steps!

Where I find the furniture?

My go to sources are nextdoor and facebook marketplace. Nextdoor, is really my number one choice since there is always items for free posted here and of course they are very close by since it is within your ow neighborhoods or boarding neighborhoods. 

Below is the FREE deskI picked up a few days ago from nextdoor. The previous owner was happy to get it off her hands and I was happy to start my next project so it’s a win win! You can see in the description there is a cracked top, broken chair leg and ugly laminate paper stuck to the top of desk. 

What you need before you get started

Head over to home Depot or order here online and make sure you have the following items:

  1.  Mouse Sander $29.99
  2. Assortment of Sand paper $10.99
  3. Wood Filler $4.59
  4. Putty Knife $4.59 
  5. White Spray Paint x6 cans $3.86 each
  6.  Gold Hardware $16.98 (10 pack) *Or home depot has them for $5.00 each knob so Amazon is much cheaper here
  7. Finishing Wax $13.79

Total Cost $104.09


Important to note I spent much less than this because I already had the sander and the putty etc. Once you buy some of these items you will be able to continue to use them and your cost will go down significantly.


Using the mouse – Sand the desk back to original wood. In my case I had to remove the old vinyl sticker and then sand everything back. Also remove all the old hardware and take out the drawers. 


Fix and repair any imperfections and cracks with the wood putty as a filler. The putty should dry for about 20 minutes and then you can sand it smooth using 120 grit or higher. 


Start painting! You should have long even strokes in a well ventilated area. I usually do 3/4 coats of spray paint making it look smooth and even. Check in the sunlight for even coverage. Each layer dries in 10 minutes so rotate each area consecutively that way you don’t have to wait for dry time.


Apply wax sealer with a rag and let it dry for 6 hours. You can lightly sand again and put a second coat if you wish. The sealer helps keep the paint clean and shiny and it also allows you to clean it and wipe it down in the future. 


Add new hardware after the paint dries. I also like to line the inside of the drawers with cute wall paper if I have extra on hand! 

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