Have you ever wondered how to wash your face without getting your clothes wet? If so, this article is for you! The solution is practical and will cost you less than $20.00!

EDAM Essentials


Edam is a wellness brand that’s all about promoting self-care for women. Making the time for these self-care, me-time moments is the best way to relax, renew and re-focus on what truly matters in life.

The first self-care kit from Edam is the Facial Rinse Kit, which is designed to keep your arms and clothes dry when rinsing your face. Read more and click below for more info.

So what does the kit come with exactly?

Facial Rinse Kit
  • two drip cuffs
  • one headband 
  • two drying clips
  • limited time motivational mirror marker

Where do you order?

head on over to their website www.edamessentials.com and use code ocmomlife for 10% off

mirror motivation

mirror affirmations

I love writing daily affirmations and reminding myself of 5 positive things for the day. An affirmation doesn’t have to be something you are it can be something you want to be. The more you say it, the more you believe. And soon it will start becoming your truth! There is no better place to write it then your bathroom mirror! What a fun idea 🙂

About the founder

Vanessa is a mom of two, and working full time on top of starting this new business! I love working with “momprenuers” and like minded women who are strong, smart, and successful!

"As a woman, I find it hard to juggle the many roles in my life. Career woman, spouse, mother, family organizer, meal planner, dog owner, vacation planner, good friend, sister, daughter...the list goes on. I think these roles overwhelm us all in some degree, and the only way to stay sane is to take time for yourself. Long before Edam was created, I knew the importance of these me-time moments. They were really the only moments that helped me stay sane, focused, and positive in the face of so many “to-do’s” and so many responsibilities. After speaking with many women over the years, I know that we’re all in need of more self-care.  The truth is - taking a moment every day to ourselves will help us show up as our best selves to those around us. These moments help us to relax, renew and re-focus on what truly matters in life. Then we can forget the stuff that doesn’t matter, and be happy with the things that do. Take time for YOU every day and encourage women around you to do the same. Feel free to tell me about how you take time for yourself by contacting via email or social media. I'm also always interested in learning about any partnership opportunities, so if you think we'd be great partners. Let me know! Thanks so much for supporting my business. 

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