Taking a new approach to child therapy this private practice is owned and operated by two mothers who use nature and skill building techniques in Orange County!

Therapy Session

Did you know in the US 7.4% of children aged 3-17 years (approximately 4.5 million) have a diagnosed behavior problem.3

Studies show that Early diagnosis and appropriate services for children and their families can make a difference! Infinity kids is located in Lake Forest and they are taking a new hands on approach to give your child everything they need to succeed. And they don’t stop at just behavior, they also specialize in speech therapy, occupational therapy, feeding techniques, and much more!

Orange County Child Therapy in Lake Forest takes a new approach by incorporating nature, their love for children and a really unique hands on approach to learning.

Brinderson says, “One feature that sets Infinity Kids apart from other clinics is its outdoor space and garden. The space was created to mimic a child’s natural environment and help children transition newly acquired skills into their home environment. We felt having a garden would be a great way to involve kids in the process of planting to enhance their sense of touch.” 

About Infinity Kids

The center opened in June 2018 to offer specialized therapies for infants and school aged children, specifically those with developmental delays, feeding and/or swallowing deficits, language difficulties, Autism, Sensory Processing differences, and other genetic and neurological disorders.Helping kids in Orange County receive Child Therapy that is much needed!

Infinity Kids’ owners, Amanda Fink and Tala Brinderson, refer to themselves as OT-prenuers. They are both young mothers from Orange County who have their Masters in Occupational Therapy and share a special bond for helping others.

“While it is certainly not easy to juggle running a business and being mothers to their own young children, watching the lives of their clients families change because of the space they have created is what fuels the duo. When asked how she manages being a new business owner, Amanda said, “Chatting and connecting with families that come in our door and who thank us for what we are doing is what motivates us daily.”

Programs and therapy options:


Speech & Language Therapy

Helps children understand their world and enable them to develop effective communication.

speech and language

Physical Therapy

Helps children achieve age appropriate gross motor milestones to safely navigate their environment.
Therapy Session

Family Therapy

Helps teach and implement strategies to support family cohesion. 

Family Therapy

How it works

Are you interested in getting more information and seeing if your child is a good fit? They make it super easy for us moms to try it out!

Schedule appointment

head to their website and book an appointment. Consultations are free and they will contact you with more details!


Your child will be evaluated at their clinic using standardized assessments and clinical observations.


If therapy is recommended, then you’ll get started and bring them to play have fun and learn.


Mention Thatocmomlife and receive  free consultations and 50 percent off your first 3 visits. You can also learn more about payment options at your first consultation. 

Birthday Parties

Yes they do birthday parties!! Packages start at just $250.00 and you can read more details here

If you are seeking an enriching, play- based setting for your child this summer that helps them advance their developmental milestones, improve attention, strengthen their coordination, and advance in both language and interpersonal skills, then this camp is for you!

They also offer parent+me classes, group classes and even FREE parenting classes! Learn more by visiting their website below

Baby Classes

Infinity Kids is located at 22691 Lambert St #502, Lake Forest.

For more information, go to www.infinitykidsoc.com or call (949) 273-6503


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