Turmeric is a spice that comes from the turmeric plant. It originates from India but is now grown in other tropical places in the world and throughout Asia. You might know it as the yellow spice we find in curry but you may not know how incredibly healing turmeric can be for your body! Read on to see what these 10 amazing health benefits are and how you can start using turmeric in your own daily life.

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10 amazing health benefits from turmeric

  1.  Turmeric works amazing for arthritis, muscle and joint pain.
  2. Turmeric is used to lower high  cholesterol 
  3. Turmeric relieves intestinal gas, stomach bloating, and helps with loss of appetite
  4. Turmeric is amazing for treating your skin wether it has eczema, skin inflammation or just treating wrinkles. 
  5. Turmeric relieves headaches and fatigue giving the body energy and healing from the inside out.
  6. Turmeric is used for bronchitis, colds, lung infections, hay fever and many other flu like symptoms.
  7. Turmeric is used in hospitals for recovery after surgery, and cancers. 
  8. Turmeric is known to fight depression and stabilize your mental health.
  9. Turmeric is most popular to relieve any type of swelling, water retention, and inflammation. 
  10. Turmeric is used to treat Acne. You may want to try a turmeric face mask to help reduce acne and any resulting scars. The anti-inflammatory qualities can target your pores and calm the skin.Turmeric is also known to reduce scarring. This combination of uses may help your face clear up from acne breakouts.

Are you serious?

Yes I’m serious! Check WEB MD for the facts!

Is webmd reliable source?

WebMD is the most popular source of health information in the US, and is likely to dominate your Google search results for almost any medical question you have. According to its editorial policy, WebMD promises to empower patients and health professionals with “objective, trustworthy, and accurate health information.”

What is the bet way to use Turmeric?

There are several ways to use turmeric as a healing property for your body and the most popular way is digesting it. 

However,  recent studies are now showing that rubbing it int your skin is much better absorption and works wonders!!




You could make your own rub using carrier oils and adding organic turmeric to rub into your skin, OR you could by ANSHI TRANSDERMAL RUB. They simply make it for you without the staining colors, and use only organic therapeutic grade ingredients. It’s extremely affordable and there is NO reason why you should not buy this product today! They also have added Himalayan salt to exfoliate the skin as you rub it in for an even better absorption rate!


  • I was given this product free of charge to try but this article is not paid or endorsed and I will not obtain any commission from the products you buy.  I just really, really like it that much and want to share it with you all!

About the product:

Therapeutic grade ingredients: coconut oil, castor oil, pink Himalayan salt, vitamin e oil, beeswax, 100% pure turmeric essential oil.

Medium: Net Wt. 2.3oz / 57g

Large: Net Wt. 3.3oz / 94g


How to use:  Vigorously rub into skin to relieve painful or swollen areas. Generously apply on feet at night.  Apply this powerful antioxidant to affected areas to treat acne, fungus, and inflammation and to improve circulation.

About the Owners:

Owners ANSHI

Janelle was born and raised in Orange County and now resides in San Diego, California. She is a mom herself and as she dealt with her own family battles in and out of the hospital this product was born. 

“Born at the hospital bedside, therapeutic grade ingredients go to work in minutes versus an hour to treat a wide array of health issues ranging from common cold and flu symptoms to swelling and pain.

Our hyper-focus on topical and transdermal as the next wave of medicine is simply because you get the benefit of direct application and delivery into the bloodstream while reducing side effects.”

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Can you use Turmeric Rub on your kids?

Well it is important to know that I am not a Doctor, just a mom sharing my personal experience with you! However, I have used it on my kids and it works amazing. In my research there have been no studies on children taking turmeric supplements and I do not recommend that. However, ANSHI HEALS TOTAL HEALING TURMERIC RUB is a natural product with natural ingredients so if you are ok with your kids eating say curry for example this would be no different. 

They also make a few other amazing rubs that are equally amazing that you can check out. Shop their whole collection HERE

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– Megan

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