6 Genius bedroom ideas for boys! Bedroom inspiration that is modern, comfortable and most importantly affordable. Let’s get decorating ladies!

6 genius bedroom ideas
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6 Genius bedroom ideas for boys

1. Area Rugs

Get brand new area rugs to instantly transform the space and make it look new! I got both of these super cute black and white modern ones for only $37.00

2. Floating shelfs

Order 2 or 3 plain white shelfs to hang that are simply for decoration. I like to display books for now, but as my son grows I can change it to fit his style. These three floating shelfs are really easy to install and the set will cost you under $30.00

boys decorating ideas
order here
boys bedroom

3. Duvet Cover

Order a solid color duvet cover. I love duvet covers for kids because they are really easy to wash and very affordable to change as needed. When you keep the color solid, it makes the room look really clean and fresh. And allows you to have fun accent throw pillows! This butter soft twin Duvet cover and pillow sham was only $45.99

6 Genius bedroom ideas for boys.
boys decorating ideas
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Boys bedroom ideas

4. Toys

Keep all of the toys in this clean white cube organizer. You can change out the baskets to match any style and it also keeps all of the toys tucked away making the space look really neat and clean! The 8 cube organizer below is $159.00 and the storage bins  I got are only $8.99 each or 4 for $24.00

decorating a boys room
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boys decorating ideas
order here

5. Wall decals

I mean, how brilliant are these!! These tiny triangles give you an instant accent wall, requires no paint and zero skill. The cherry on top, it will literally cost you $10.00

boy decorating ideas
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boy decorating ideas

6. succulents and plants

While most people don’t think of faux plants and little boys room together, they really had a nice touch to the space. You won’t have to water them either 🙂

Place them on floating shelfs, dressers or the cube organizer. 

The set of 3 below will cost you under $25.00

boys decorating ideas
order here
boys decorating ideas
order here

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