From OC to Austin is an article about moving from Orange County, California to Austin, Texas! Exploring neighborhoods, the best realtors, where to eat, and where to stay and WHY. 

OC to Austin

Did you ?

Did you know that every single day there are 80 people that move from California to Austin, Texas? And 152 people that move to Austin a day in general. That number came to me as a shock, so I did the most natural thing and flew over to check it out!

First things first

My husband and I really considered moving here, and in the end we just couldn’t leave my family and tight network I have worked so hard to create (this blog being one of them). In our process, I really did my homework and found the best realtors, the best neighborhoods and everything you need to know if you are about the make the move! 


From OC to Austin

Why Austin?

BUT WHY? You must ask, why would anybody consider leaving the beaches and close to perfect weather we have in Orange County for the middle of the County? While each family may have there own reasons, I will tell you the general consensus we discovered and why it was a possibility for us.

  • There are no state taxes. 
  • Home prices are extremely affordable. We could instantly buy our dream house and the mortgage would be less than our current rent.
  • The LIVE MUSIC scene is incredible and everything I have ever dreamed of + some.
  • The people are kind, welcoming and move at a slower pace than what we are used to. It is refreshing and genuine.
  • The education is amazing and most elementary schools are rated in the 9’s and 10’s. 
  • Austin, contrary to the rest of Texas is quite liberal and most people from California fit in here and feel right at home!
  • Austin is located on a lake, with lush green trees and an absolutely gorgeous setting. While it certainly has no beaches, I really enjoy the lake and boating life too. 
  • If you are doing well financially, most families leave for the summer to avoid the heat and we love traveling so this is a no brainer. 
  • Austin has 4 seasons, so you can experience fall and winter weather too!
  • The food is amazing
  • The flights back to Orange County are affordable and very short making it easy to visit family often.
  • The metropolitan area is growing, and businesses are moving to Austin Daily. This makes a lot of great job opportunities if you are looking for work.
  • According to experts, the real estate in Austin is a great investment and you most likely will see a return on your dollar. 
  • For my family, my husband works in Austin quite frequently so it meant we could probably see him a little more. 
  • The cost of living is also a lot cheaper. Food, gas, and activities are all cheaper. 
  • While this may not be true for most, For our family, our jobs are remote so we are lucky enough to be able to live anywhere, while maintaining the same annual income.
From OC to Austin
OC to Austin

Finding your Realtor

My entire family is the real estate industry in California, so I put my sister to work and had her interview over 75 agents to find us the best one. Chadwin & Scott, not only met our expectations but surpassed them by miles. 

We will most likely call her and her husband for happy hour on our next trip to visit! She is smart, quick witted, knows the area, and knows Austin. As a bonus her husband Scott is in finance and together they can get you the best deal and best investment possible! We fully enjoyed their company, their expertise and amazing communication that you need when buying a home.


While everyone’s needs will vary greatly, I did extensive research on every neighborhood and suburb and house hunted in all of them! For my family, we did not not have a work commute into the city and the most important things on our list was the schools, the community of the neighborhood, and the ease-ability to do fun things close to home. Here are my top picks

  1. Steiner Ranch
  2. Sweetwater 

  3. Rough Hallow

  4. Lakeway 

The School Districts

  • Eanes ISD
  • Lake Travis
  • Leander

These are the best school districts in Austin. While there are still good schools all over Austin, with two kids we wanted to be in the top 3 school districts.

If you can make the 30 minute drive from the city, this restaurant “The Oasis” sits right on the lake and offers an amazing view, laid back vibe and decent food. Basically you are coming for the view and cocktails and it is worth it 🙂

Favorite Hotels

Live Music

Live music is everywhere in the city! You can just wander around and you are sure to find it. Despite everything I read online, and despite a-lot of recommendations, I really enjoyed 6th street the best! There is something special about a little dive bar, with a whiskey on the rocks, no crowds and the best music playing that will always hold a special place in my heart!

I wish I  would have avoided the fancy restaurants and ate the food trucks on Rainey street. This is a very cute area made up of cute antique houses that are turned into little bars and shops. The scene is mostly college kids. It is perfect for a stroll and the food truck scene is AMAZING. 

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