If you are searching for the best bike on the market for kids, then you have come to the right article!  Every aspect of the woom bike is designed for children with super-slim, thought-out details for ages one and a half to fourteen years. No training wheels, no problem.

If you are wanting to teach your child how to ride for the first time this bike is perfect for you!! If your child is already pro – you should probably still make the switch and I can’t wait to show you guys why!! Watch my video review below 🙂

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Lightweight and Just for Kids. When it comes to the needs of a child, a woom bike is unmatched.  85% of the  bike parts are individually developed and produced exclusively for woom. The bikes are tailor-made for the child’s anatomy and needs.  

Breakthroughs in Bike Design. With their never-ending development and research, they have succeeded in making the woom bike 40% lighter than a conventional children’s bike.  This makes our bike one of the lightest children’s bike in the world!

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This is my daughter Charlie who 6 years old and rides like a pro on this bike! My only regret is not purchasing this bike for her when she was 2 years old. Yes, you can start them on the woom bikes at just two years old!


They make bikes for the wee little ones, that are much easier to maneuver than the standard balance bikes.  As your child grows, the bike sizes go all the way up through the teen years!

Did you ?

Did you know, when you purchase a woom bike for your child, after they grow to a new size you can simply return the bike to woom and get 40% off the next size up! 

Your child should be able to stand still on the bike with their feet down (but heels up) and ride comfortably, so that they have control at all times. So many of buy the wrong size bikes for our kids making it really hard for them to learn, and even harder for them to be comfortable riding! Since WOOM are experts at fitting the bikes to your child you can follow there size guide HERE

Are you teaching your child how to ride a bike? WOOM just made our life a whole lot easier and now you can teach them to ride in just 15 minutes! Follow the step by step guide HERE

best kids bike
Even Miss Mable wanted to learn to ride!

My husband put this together for my daughter in about 15 minutes! The bicycles are delivered in a way that everyone can build the woom bike ready for the road in just a few simple steps – easy!

All brakes and even gears are perfectly tuned/assembled, so no adjustment work is needed! Every bike comes with a wrench for the pedals and an allen key to tighten the needed screws. Easily understandable assembly instructions, included with each bike, will guide you through every step.

I sincerely hope you guys enjoy the bikes as much as we do and I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below! 

Also make sure you tag me in any photos on social media with the woom bike and I would love to share it and re post for you!


Megan Ormando
cheers Megan

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