How to do very easy glamorous yet natural makeup in under 10 minutes! This routine is perfect for busy moms that are not professional makeup artists. I use a wide range of products from inexpensive drugstore items to the professional items you can find at Ulta or Sephora. 


All of the products are linked if you find something you love!

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makeup for moms

Step 1. Face Prep

Start with a clean washed face and use a good moisturizer right before application. I also always brush my teeth first and put a very basic chapstick on my lips so they don’t get dry and cracked.

makeup for moms
The Ultimate Sunless Tan

Step 2. Foundation and Contouring

Quickly apply concealer and bronzer highlighter in a similar way I have done here. Let it set up for about 2 minutes. You also cannot see in this photo but I have bronzer along the jaw line as well. 

makeup for moms
easy makeup for moms

Step 3. Blend

Using a beauty blender or blending brush, use round circular motions until all of the makeup in evenly blended in. Don’t forget to blend you lips- This makes the perfect base for your nude lipstick and also helps it last all day.

Easy makeup for moms

4. Add eyes and lips

Now you should already have a really nice base on your eyelids and it is really easy to apply eye shadow. Start with a really light nude over the entire eyelid. Add browns or darker colors to the corners. Use a little white in the corners of your eyes to make them appear brighter. 

I always use black eyeliner on the bottom and top of the eye and go over the top with black liquid eye liner. Finishing my eyes with Mascara. 

Lips- I like to line my lips with a liquid nude lipstick that stays 24 hours. Then I fill in the center with a soft pink lip gloss!  

makeup for busty moms

Extra Details:

You can throw on some blush and highlighter to your high cheek bones and highlight the upper lip to make them appear more full. 

For brows, I don’t do anything because I had them micro bladed by Brandi with OCBEAUTYCO who is linked here with her contact info!

Makeup for busy moms
Million Dollar Tan

I hope this super simple tutorial was helpful to you! I am certainly no makeup artist and I usually have 10 minutes max to get ready in the mornings with two young kids and a hectic mom life, so I love finding any tips and tricks that help me look good in the fastest way possible! 

Also, If you have a good tip I would to lear about it in the comments below! 

cheers Megan

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