5 DIY Halloween Decorations you can make with the whole family! These are fun to make, yet cute enough to actually use around your house for decorations!

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Supply Shopping

I love shopping at target and Michaels for most of the supplies we use in the crafts. You can also shop Amazon, and I have linked every item needed on my idea list “Halloween Crafts” that you can find here 🙂

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1. Spray Painted Pumpkins

5 halloween crafts for kids
halloween art and crafts
DIY Halloween
DIY Halloween decor
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Supplies Needed:

1. White plastic pumpkins in multiple sizes

2. Krylon Easy Tack Repositionable Adhesive Spray

3. Gold Glitter

4. White Glitter

5. Glitter Sealer

6. Disposable Gloves

7. Decorating Tape

DIY Steps:

1. Lay out newspaper or an old cloth in your garage or backyard so you have a workspace set up.

2. Use tape to make a design on your pumpkins or you can leave some plain. 

3. When they are taped, spray one pumpkin at a time with the tacky adhesive spray.

3. Let your kids put the loose glitter on the pumpkins (the glitter can be poured on or they can put glitter on a newspaper and roll the pumpkin in the glitter.

4. Remove any tape and your design will appear! You can add any extra glitter if you missed a spot. When it looks good, spray the pumpkins with the glitter sealer and let it dry for 3/4 hours. 

I love the nude pumpkins we are doing blush pink, navy and nudes and some gold glitter this year!

diy halloween decor
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The lightweight, low-profile BrightPad makes crafting easier while reducing eye strain.

2. Front Door Bat wreath

DIY Halloween Decorations

Supplies Needed:

  1. Grapevine wreath
  2. hot glue gun
  3. black felt
  4. Bat Stencils
  5. Scissors

DIY Steps:

1. Trace the bat shape onto the felt with a pencil

2. Cut out 6-10 black felt bats. Let the kids cut some too, while they might not be perfect they will have fun participating! For my it was easier to use the first one as a guide to cut the rest so I only had to trace one time (pencil is hard to see on the felt)

3. Hot glue gun the bats in a circular design. Depending on the kids age, my 6 year old is a great helper with the hot glue gun and really enjoyed helping me glue the bats.

3. Hanging Spider Balls

Supplies Needed:

1. White balloons

2. White String 

3. Elmers Glue or mod podge

4. Tacky Spray

5. Plastic Spiders

6. Hot glue gun

7. Fishing line

DIY Steps:

  1. Blow up your balloons and tie them.

2. In your metal mixing bowl add water and one container of Elmer’s glue to make a sticky wet mixture. 90 percent glue 10 percent water

3. Spray the Balloon with tacky spray and then wrap the spring around the balloon until it is almost covered but leaving holes in parts. It should not be perfectly wrapped and the direction of the string goes in multiple directions creating a spider web effect when finished.  

4. Twice, in between layers we painted on the glue mixture over the string. Tie Fishing string around the top of the balloon for hanging. Let this dry for 3-5 hours.

5. When the string is completely dry, use a needle or something sharp to pop the balloon. You do not have to remove the balloon since you are using the top for hanging purposes. (Also, my kids did not want to wait for the balloon to dry so we hung up our spider ball with the balloon inside! I figure it will pop on its own and the web should remain just fine. 

6. Hot glue gun 3 or 4 spiders on the web ball.

7. Hang from a tree or ledge using fishing line to create a floating effect.

DIY Halloween Decor
*These would look so much better from a tree, but our trees are to tall out front so we opted for the garage.
DIY Halloween Decorations

4. white hanging ghosts

DIY Halloween Decor
DIY Halloween Decor

Supplies Needed:

1. 2-3 Styrofoam balls

2. Black Sharpie Marker

3. White Halloween mesh fabric

4. White tack

5. Fishing Line


DIY Steps:

1. Draw two round eyeballs on the styrofoam balls

2. Drape two or three layers of the white fabric over the styrofoam balls

3. Place a tack on the top of the ghost to secure the fabric in place.

4. Tie a small loop in fishing line and attach the loop to your tack on the top of the ghost.

5. Hang 2-3 ghosts together near an entrance, archway or patio.

DIY Halloween Decorations

5. Popsicle stick haunted house

DIY Halloween decor
DIY Halloween decor for kids

Supplies Needed:

1. Popsicle sticks

2. Hot glue gun


4. Paint brushes

5. Small plastic skeleton 

6. Orange candy pumpkins

7. candy grave yard

8. Poster board


DIY Steps:

1. Start by glueing together two sides for the house. Use 10 sticks for each side of the house making them the exact same size. If you want a window break a few of the middle sticks.

2. Build the back of the house by glueing two rows of 10 sticks together making 20 sticks total.

3. Build the front of the house in two parts so you have a doorway (see photo)

4. Build the roof in two parts using 20 sticks on each side. (see photo)

5. you should have 2 sides, one back, 2 pieces for the front, and two pieces for the roof. If you used a hot glue gun it will be dry. If you used Elmer’s glue this will need to set for a few hours before you can proceed. 

6. Paint all four sides of the house grey or one color of your choice. (In my case it was a mess of 10 colors coming out army green 🙂 haha)

7. Paint the roof pieces black or a different color of your choice. 

8. Paint your poster board brown or grey since this will be the floor/ground of the house. We just had out floors re done so we used an extra piece of flooring for the base! You can use anything really that is strong enough the hold the house.

9. Once everything is dry and painted, start assembling the house by using a hot glue gun. (see photo)

10. glue on the details to the front of the house (candy pumpkins and grave yards. Add a tree or anything else you wish in the front yard. 

11. If you made a window, glue the fake Skelton inside the house, using broken popsicle sticks you can line the window to make him appear as if he is peaking outside. 

DIY Halloween Decorations

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The Boo Basket

How to make a boo basket, how to play the game and free printable sheets! Also, fun ideas for items to add to your baskets!
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