5 tips to make sure you love your family photos this year! Let’s be honest family photo shoots can be expensive and time consuming so it’s important to make sure they come out amazing and most important that YOU love them. Follow these 5 tips below, and you will love your family photos!

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Family Photos

Tip #1

Plan your outfits ahead of time! Outfits are important (obviously) but sometimes we ask other people instead of wearing what we are most comfortable in. If you know you look great in skinny jeans, but your photographer requests a flowy dress – wear your skinny jeans! When you feel confident then it shines through and really shows in the photos.

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Tip #2

Have your make-up and hair professionally done. Even if you are a professional make-up artist you still should have somebody else do your make-up. It is a hectic day getting ready especially if you have kids to get ready too! Having your hair and makeup done will take a lot of pressure off and of course photographs amazing!!

family photos

Tip #3

Perfect your smile! I learned this tip awhile ago from youtube blogger. She suggested that I spent time in front of the mirror smiling and taking selfies to see what smile you like best. Once you figure out your best smile then you have to practice it in the mirror. Sounds silly, but if you know ho to do it on photo day it will come natural to you and I promise you will love your photos!

family photos

Tip #4

Bribe your kids! I use gummy bears or one chocolate kiss at the end of the photo shoot. It’s hard for kids to sit still follow directions and smile on cue. I find that if they get a treat afterwards it goes more smoothly! My 2 year old was extra difficult this last session but we still managed for some amazing shots which brings me to tip #5 …

family photos

Tip #5

Hire an amazing photographer! Spend the money and do the research. DO NOT use your friend, neighbor or aunty who is just starting out and will give you a good deal. You need the real deal and real talent.

I find that with Iphone’s and technology these days anybody can take a high quality image. However, what makes a great photographer isn’t necessarily the camera. They should make you comfortable, make you laugh, tell you how to pose and direct your family. A good photographer will make your kids laugh, and capture the best family moments you will love for years to come!!

If you are in the Orange County area I highly recommend McCall Miller Photography.

Last but not least!

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cheers Megan

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