Discover how to make your marriage last and actually be happy while raising your kids.

Sounds to good to be true? But there is an easy way you can grow together and not apart during the challenging years of starting a family.

I personally have to admit that I am extremely lucky to have married such an amazing man that loves me so much. He supports me and our family, and truly appreciates everything I do in raising our kids and taking care of the house. However, that does not make my marriage EASY. It is actually hard. I find it hard to balance being a mother and being a wife.

With two young kids they need me constantly, so I really have to make a conscious effort to make time for my husband. Sometimes even having a conversation is difficult since we are constantly interrupted by our children! As we kick start 2020 we both decided we should make an effort to strengthen and grow our marriage and put more time into “us” then just the children. 

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Lasting gets to know your relationship and creates a guided counseling program just for you. 94% report new relationships strengths. 

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They’ve distilled decades of research into simple sessions designed to give you the right tools for building a healthy relationship.

how to make a marriage last

When, I started this collaboration with lasting I was thrilled to be sponsored by a product we could not only use but be able to share and help so many of my readers! I immediately told my husband to download the app and we got ours synced right away! 

Step one is filling out a simple questionnaire so they can find out where your at in your marriage and what areas you should work on. I filled out mine right away, but the husband took two days (of course) haha. Luckily it makes it super easy to send text message reminders to nudge them a little in a sweet way! Anyway once he filled out his questionnaire we are able to compare answers! I immediately text him “NEGATIVE NANCY” which we both had a good laugh about. However, as I am sitting here writing this it really makes me realize that we aren’t exactly on the same page. And while I tend to be really positive and optimistic some of his needs are not being met. Some categories I voted we are ” just great” and he voted “bottom of the barrel” and that is certainly and eye opener!! I am excited to continue using this app and learning more about each other and growing! I can offer you a 7 day FREE trial if you want to just check it out. I promise you’ll love it. 

cheers Megan

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