Today I am welcoming a guest blogger, Lauren Meichtry, founder of Elsie Home and she is  so excited to be sharing some of her tips and tricks for achieving a comfortable and functional home with you all! How to make a room cozy is a fun and easy read that we all can benefit from right now with the current situation of home quarantine during covid 19. 

how to make a room cozy
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With the majority of us hunkering down at home right now, I’ve found it to be so important to create a cozy and livable environment for my family, which includes two young kids.

For a bit of background, I’m originally from Orange County (my family still lives there) and I grew up in Newport Beach and went to Corona del Mar High School. When my Grandma Elsie was moving out of her home of 40 years and into a senior care facility, her vintage sewing machine found its way to me. While I had never used a sewing machine before, I felt compelled to carry on her creativity. With the help of a close friend I learned how to sew my first pillow.

how to make a room cozy
how to make a room cozy

Over the past six years, my life has evolved, and so has my taste for design and textiles. I have seen firsthand how adding a few beautiful pillows to a couch or a bed can bring life, warmth, and comfort to a home.


As my family has grown, my taste for high quality, livable and beautiful pillows has grown with it. I know what it’s like to have small kids and animals living in your home and how important it is to have pieces that can withstand a dogpile, an epic pillow fight or hours of you sitting on them while binge-watching your favorite show.

Elsie Home was born from a passion to design the highest quality and most beautiful pillows you can own for your home and we are so glad you have found us.

It’s easy to think you should wait to decorate or style your home the way you want when you have young kids. I also felt this way when I had my first child!  But the truth is, they will be messy until they go off to college, so why not find a way to make your home beautiful now?

Think about it, the more you make a big deal about something, the more curious your kids are. Someone tells you, don’t touch it…it’s hot. What’s the first thing you do? You touch it! I think kids are capable of being more respectful to items in your home if you tell them how important the items are to you and ask them kindly to help you take care of them.

how to make a room cozy

Our kids are spending more time at home than ever before and it’s our mission to ensure your spaces are comfortable and functional yet beautiful and inspiring at the same time. If you’re unsure about how to refresh your home and choose the right decor or you’re hesitant to take on a project while everyone is at home, look towards taking small steps and those that make practical sense. We recommend incorporating pillows with small scale prints so stains will be less visible. For example, our AtlasFanorona and Heartcloth pillows all have small scale prints which means there is less blank space in the background for a stain to show up on.

how to make a room cozy
how to make a room cozy

Additionally, take this time to focus on the importance of a healthy home.  We’re all about the use of natural materials and highly recommend steering clear of the harsh chemicals that are frequently used in stain-resistant fabrics. This is why we utilize natural fibers like linen which require very little water to grow, don’t contain harsh chemicals, all while looking and performing beautifully.  Layering stress-reducing colors like blues, greens, grays, and beige on your bed has even been shown to aid in better sleep.

how to make a room cozy

Essentially, I want to inspire you all to celebrate your home and refresh the spaces that you spend the most time in. Also, don’t be afraid to introduce beautiful pillows and layers just because you have young children and a busy family life!

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how to make a cozy home
how to make a room cozy

A few tips to remember:

  • None of us have ever spent so much time at home. Some of us are homeschooling, some are trying to maintain jobs from home, and a large number of us are out of work. We are not alone in this.
  • Make your bed every day! 
  • No matter how you feel in the morning, make your bed! It is your first completed task of the day and will set you off on the right foot. This is a great rule to pass down to your kids as well. 
  • Layering is key! Choose a few different sized pillows and layer them from largest to smallest. For a King size bed, we like two to three Euro Shams, two 22x22s, two 20x20s, and a small lumbar.
  • Create a Dedicated Workspace for You and Your Kids! 
  • We are all working from home and it’s an adjustment. Carve out a space in your home and try to make it some place you are excited about. If you have to use a dining room chair, add a throw pillow for added cushion.
  • Get Some Fresh Air
  • Being cooped up can make all of us go a little crazy. Try to get some fresh air every day. A daily pillow fight in the front yard should do the trick!


how to make a room cozy

cheers Megan
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