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There are many variations of pencil drawings, but the majority have a focus on adults, however kids can make really cool pencil drawings too!  To get started with your little artist, I highly recommend the ZIPIT pencil pouches to get organized and keep it fun, a good white eraser and plenty of thick white drawing paper. 

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I don’t know about you, but we just love doing as art as part of our new homeschool routine and while I have found so many messy art projects (glue, paint, clay )  sometimes I like to take it back to the basics and do a good old fashioned pencil drawing. Drawing with pencils is actually super cool, and takes some serious skills to perfect.

In this article I’ll be sharing  10 cool pencil drawings for kids along with a few super easy instructional videos we love to follow on various youtube channels! I am also showcasing our favorite art supplies and pencil boxes that I think your kids will love as much as mine do!

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cool pencil drawings

ZIPIT creates products that are smart, colorful, and imaginatively designed. They aim to share that vision with people all over the world, infuse them with sheer joy, and encourage them to unzip their own ideas without holding back. All of the products are so much fun and also so affordable! You can shop bags, backpacks, pencil pouches, lunchboxes, booklets and messenger bags!

My kids have the entire collection and I can easily vouge for the company that this is an amazing product and a super fun and useful gift too! 

ZIPIT lunch bag
zipit pencil pouch
zipit pencil pouch

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