Never underestimate the healing power of a quite moment in the garden,

Gardening for toddlers provides experimental learning through all 5 of their senses! They can touch, hear, see, smell and even taste the fruits of the their labor. It also brings awareness to their natural world around them and teaches us how we play an important part in the environment. Most importantly, dirty and makes a happy heart, and there is something very special about being outside and working with your hands!

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toddler gardening

Today I bring in guest blogger Anita Franco to give you Simple (and Fun!) Ways to Get Your Kids Interested in Gardening this Summer

It’s important for kids to spend time outdoors during the summer. Spending time outdoors offers children a range of health benefits, including exposure to Vitamin D from the sun, improved cognitive functioning, and much more.


Of course, during the COVID-19 pandemic, your kids might not have the opportunity to go to the park and play as they normally would. Luckily, they can still spend time outside with the following gardening activities and tips. Keep them in mind to ensure your kids get out of the house this summer!

toddler garden
Imagine Childhoood: Magic & Memories That Last a Lifetime

Get Started


The first step to involving your kids in gardening activities involves breaking out your cordless lawn mower and choosing a spot for the garden. This is such a basic first step that you might assume your kids don’t need to help with it.


However, it’s a good idea to let them contribute ideas about where the plot should go. Letting them help make certain key decisions from the start will make them more interested in the overall process. It can also provide them with a learning experience, as you teach them why certain areas of the lawn may be more ideal for a garden than others.

Imagine Childhoood: Magic & Memories That Last a Lifetime
gardening with toddlers

Choose Fun Plants


Children are far more likely to find the idea of gardening appealing if you let them choose plants that can serve another purpose later on. For instance, if your children love celebrating Halloween, you might decide to plant pumpkins to use as jack-o-lanterns in a few months.


You should also consider a child’s patience when contributing ideas for plants to grow. For example, sunflowers tend to grow more quickly than many other options, making them a smart choice if you believe your kids will want to see their hard work pay off fast.

gardening with toddlers

Consider Adding a Pond


This might not be the best activity for children who are still very young, but if your kids are a little older and more mature, you might want to add a small pond with goldfish near the garden. This is another activity that can be both fun and educational. Additionally, you could encourage your kids to read a bird spotting book, asking them to make notes of all the birds they see when gardening.

gardening with toddlers

Grow Some Treats


Odds are good you want your kids to develop a taste for nutritious fruits and other foods. Growing strawberries in the garden is one way to do so. Your kids will be more inclined to eat anything they know they helped grow themselves.

gardening with toddlers
Imagine Childhoood: Magic & Memories That Last a Lifetime

Start Early


Keep in mind, you don’t need to wait until summer to start teaching your kids the basics of gardening. You can practice early any year by starting with some indoor plants. This will help your children prepare for summer gardening activities.


Remember, gardening can be a rewarding hobby your children will enjoy throughout their entire lives. Introduce them to the experience with these fun summer gardening ideas!

gardening with toddlers

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