A tween is not just one phase

There are many variations of tweens. What is a tween and what is a tweens age? How do we as mom’s deal with our pre tweens and tweens and what are the best gifts, movies and activities we can do to make them the best version of themself possible?

Let’s dive in! And figure this out together! Tween trends of 2020

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Tween trends of 2020

So, what age is a tween you might ask? Well, the term ‘tween used be used for kids a few years before they turned 13 (which would be an actual teenager). So the group of kids from about 10- to 12-years of age are considered tweens.

But now a days, I notice a lot of young girls who are around age 7 or 8,  being lured into this ‘tween category and mind-set. This is the age I like to refer to as a ‘Pre Tween.

As a mom of a 7 and a 1/2 year old daughter this is our daily struggle! While I love watching her grow and becoming so independent and smart I also want to protect her innocence and childhood. Of course every parents situation is different but in our personal world I don’t really see this pre tween phase happening as much with the boys as I do the girls. 

Orange County play dates

And if you are a mom of a tween or a pre tween then I am sure you are aware of the drama, tears and sassiness and some days just straight out disrespect they can bring to your life. However, all drama aside I love my little pre tween and have found a lot of great ways to encourage and empower her along the way! So the first thing I want to introduce to you is the Strong Self box.

tween trends 2020
Tween trends of 2020
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This box is a quarterly subscription box and for just $56.00 per season, you’ll get a box delivered straight to your doorstep. Each box has the latest trends for tweens, Good vibes and packed with positive and trendy products sure to have her feeling like her STRONG self(ie).

In all reality though, It’s not toys, it’s all practical stuff that I know she will use, and it all encourages positive behavior! Or as I like to say, just be a good f*ing person!

The mission of STRONG self(ie) is to build strong girls for life. We all want to live out this mission with our own daughters by celebrating their moments and guiding them to be strong and confident girls. Remember, #justdoyou….and don’t miss a moment — or a BLINK! If you are interested in the box click HERE & Get $10 off your first box for the quarterly membership with code BOX10

tween trends 2020
tween trends 2020

tween trends 2020 and top tween movies for 2020

Tween trends of 2020

Netflix favorites for her:

Free REIN Valentine’s Day

Spirt riding free, pony tails 


The healing powers of Dude

Project Mc2

Ponysitters club

Charlottes web

The cat in the Hat 

Some Assembly required 


A 2nd chance 

Dolphin tale 2

Raising the bar 

The princess switch 

Mary Poppins 

Back on the net 

Next Gen

H20 mermaid adventures 

Bella and the bulldogs 


Tween trends of 2020

Let me introduce ya’ll to Wendy!

I met Wendy in a mops group when my daughter was only 3 years old. At the time, I didn’t really need her help and wisdom since my current situation was a newborn baby and a very sweet yet busy 3 year old daughter.

However, I connected with her and loved her story and I loved what she had to say! Over the years we have kept in touch, mostly through social media and her weekly emails. I am now in a place where everything she says is relatable and I am so excited to share her work with you. Especially if you need some extra love, support or help right now! 


She’s amazing you guys! She has so much to offer, including lots of free workshops, podcasts and even free printable guides! There is also a paid community membership program for families looking for Positive Parenting support, guidance, inspiration, and connection. 

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