An outdoor ping table is the perfect addition to your backyard space if you love to entertain like we do! It’s perfect for both kids and adults alike, and today I made one for less than $20.00. I’m excited to share this with you guys, and it was very easy to do!

First things first

You’ll need a table. Any table will do! I found an old beat up one on facebook and it was FREE! I always suggest searching the facebook marketplace and see if you can take something off somebody’s hands. 

DIY outdoor ping pong table

After washing your table down and sanding if needed then it’s time to spray paint your table green. I did two coats and then finished with a glossy top coat to protect from outdoor weather. Don’t forget to use painters tape around the edges of the table so the green only goes on top!

outdoor ping pong table
DIY outdoor ping pong table
DIY outdoor ping pong table
DIY outdoor ping pong table

You might have noticed that the table I got is a bit too thick to hold the ping pong net. Standard ping pong nets you can order online clip on to tables about 1 to 1.5 inches thick. So in this case we got two smaller pieces of wood and nailed them to the sides for the netting to attach. (see photo below)

DIY outdoor ping pong table

Next you’ll buy some thin white tape to put around your table. If your table is large enough you can also add a strip down the middle to create two players on each side. My table was a little small so we made a singles court. 

DIY outdoor ping pong table
DIY outdoor ping pong table

Last but not least, you can order your net and paddles right here on Amazon prime for only $21.99

DIY outdoor ping pong table

Thanks so much for reading and if you make your own table I would love to see it! Post it on social media and tag me for a repost and share @lately_withmegan.renee

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