The Big Island of Hawaii is one of 7 Hawaiian islands in the middle of the pacific ocean. It has always fascinated me that it is the farthest removed and most remote chain of Islands in the world. The big Island is diverse and you’ll find everything from lush rainforests to crystal clear white sandy beaches. 

Hawaii Volcanos National Park

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Hawaii is beautiful all year around. Since the Island is so diverse you can experience all types of weather depending on which part of the island you are on. Typically Kona is always sunny and Hilo is on the rainy side. The ocean water remains around 85 degrees year-round. 

My favorite season is the fall, where it’s still very warm and sunny yet starts to cool down and get more rain in the evening. You’ll find the winter is the most expensive time to travel here due to the high demand of travelers escaping the cold on the mainland. January and February are amazing months to be here if you are interested in seeing the whales.



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Big Island Hawaii

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